Friday, September 25, 2020
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Mice shed light on mental health, kids, COVID

The pandemic has forced many of us into isolation, which can lead to loneliness and other mental health concerns, especially for young people.

Music lessons may reduce bullying of autistic kids

Collaborative music lessons in schools may help to reduce the bullying of autistic students, new research suggests.

Can teachers do better with autistic kids?

Training teachers to support kids on the autism spectrum is a challenge, but some research suggests there may be ways.

Best to listen to autistic kids in mainstream classes

Being in a mainstream classroom can isolate kids with autism and make them feel more "different." Not good in the long term.

Feds set $100 mil for autism research

The feds have renewed a $100 million grant to nine researchers who are looking into how to help children who are on the autism spectrum.

Folic acid during conception reduces risk of autism

If you live near farms, avoiding pesticides may not be possible, but that increases the risk your children will develop autism. Try folic acid.

Pro-vaccination messages may backfire

A new study out of the UK suggests more research is needed when developing messaging that promotes the use of vaccinations for schoolkids.

Present debate shifts focus away from student issues

There are, to be sure, real issues facing America. But the present debate has caused lawmakers to lose focus and move away from actual solutions.

A single protein may be at the root of autism

Researchers are closer than ever to finding a cure for Fragile X syndrome, a leading cause of autism. A single protein may hold the key.

Non-issues abound about autism with Trump

Pres. Trump spoke a little, and a little too dimly, about autism at a White House event yesterday with US Ed. Sec. Betsy DeVos.