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Mitochondrial DNA mutations linked to autism

Evidence mounts that mitochondrial DNA mutations are associated with autism. Mutations in mtDNA are also associated with neurological and developmental disorders.

Autism risk increases with parents’ age

A review study out of Coenhagen shows that the risk of having children with autism spectrum disorders increases as the parents get older.

Genetics may play a role in abnormal psych

The role of genetics is being investigated, as scientists look for a way to treat patients with autism, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia.

Obituary: Jennie Waltrip; taught kids with autism

We celebrate the life of a special educator in Frederick Co., Md., whose efforts eased the suffering of a great many kids on the autism spectrum.

Possible abuse of autistic students in Harford Co.

Charges have been made against Harford Co., Md., public schools that they aren't taking proper care to educate kids with autism.

Boys will be boys, even without autism

Scientists wonder if behaviors many see as signs of autism are just signs of being a boy. An interesting scientific question.

Do more kids have autism or just a diagnosis?

Autism diagnoses have increased, but some research suggests it's just a change in the way ASD is diagnosed. Big risk of drowning also noted.

What we can learn from violent video games

Violent video games might lead to antisocial behavior, but they have an appeal. Can we harness that appeal to develop helpful tools?

Children with autism can learn to be social

Research finds with social peer network interventions, even around non-ASD students, children with autism can develop communication & other social skills.

Movie review: Best Kept Secret

We review a documentary that will air on PBS in September about a 20-year veteran special educator who works with autistic adults, even after they age out of the school system.