Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Close call on Question 2 in Md.

A ballot question in Md. asks voters to legalize sports betting in the state, with the projected revenues promised for education.

Proposition 208 picks up steam in Ariz.

A ballot initiative would tell the state's lawmakers how to tax high earners and send the extra money to the schools. What happens next?

Galena referendum seeks construction, safety

Should Galena schools be upgraded? It will take a voter-approved bond issue to make that happen, and voters will decide in April.

Mass., Ga. reject school privatization efforts

Voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly rejected a ballot question, backed by the governor, that would have raised the cap on charter schools.

LaGrange SD 102 seeks a tax increase

A tax referendum in LaGrange, IL, seeks to cover an operational deficit that owes its existence in part to the state's failure to deliver funds districts were counting on.

Mass. will not vote on Common Core

The Mass. Supreme Judicial Court said a ballot initiative that could have rolled back adoption of the Common Core is too vague to be on the ballot.

Voters question Morton’s $10.5 million referendum

Voters in Morton IL could raise taxes at the ballot box next month. Schools need improvements, mainly for band rooms and gyms.

Voters in Mass. might weigh in on Common Core

A possible ballot question in Mass. will ask voters what they think about the Common Core State Standards. We hope they're never asked.

Batavia ballot question seeks loan for astroturf

Should Batavia High School borrow $15 million to install artificial turf fields? Voters in the district will decide Tuesday.