Monday, August 3, 2020
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Baltimore Co. magnet programs flourish

At the expo for magnet programs in Baltimore Co., we learned about a mature program that provides more opportunities every year.

Towson H.S. to install artificial turf

An artificial turf field will be built at Towson HS in Baltimore County, for the school and a rec council, which will share the cost.

Balto. Co. goes the other way on teen sleep

It blows our mind that some high schools will be ringing the first bell even earlier this fall, flying in the face of decades of research.

Hard to learn in the heat of Baltimore Co.

The suffocating heat in classrooms in 1 Baltimore County school (and others) makes even the simplest tasks difficult.

Teacher resignations higher in Baltimore Co.

More teachers resigned in Baltimore Co., Md., this year than 2 years ago, probably because of the Common Core & other changes.

Ethics violation for Baltimore Co. supt.

Dallas Dance broke ethics rules when he accepted a part-time consulting job to provide professional development for Chicago principals.

Debate over high school schedules in Baltimore Co.

We respond to a point-counterpoint discussion on a WYPR radio talk show about different types of block schedules for high school.

Baltimore Co. receives grievance over teacher workload

Teachers say the implementation of so many changes at once—Common Core standards, a new curriculum, teacher evaluations—has created too much stress.

Block scheduling in high school vs. 7-period days

Baltimore County high schools will be switching to a mandatory eight-class year for 2014-15, and we take a look at some of the pros and cons of A/B block scheduling.

Draft photos: Baltimore County Marching Band Showcase

The Office of Music at Baltimore County Public Schools brought nine marching bands to its annual showcase Sunday at Towson University.