Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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The fall without marching band

Due to coronavirus, marching bands at schools as well as large marching band organizations are preemptively cancelling contests and other festivals this fall.

A weekend of ‘band geeks’ across America

The musical Band Geeks was in performance at a MD high school, just as marching bands from across America named a national champion.

Carmel band wins 4th Grand Nationals title

We congratulate Carmel H.S. in Indiana for the grand championship at the Bands of America Grand Nationals yesterday + 99 others.

Man sentenced who caused band student’s death

A man who drunkenly killed a band student hours after she performed in the finals at Grand Nationals was sentenced today.

Marching Band Excellence Utility now in beta testing

We publish today a web app for monitoring the progress of all bands competing in the Illinois marching band or Bands of America circuits.

Texas students put 9/11 in a hurricane context

It's been 16 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pa. How did your school remember those who died?

Obituary: Sophie Rinehart, Indiana band student

A featured member of the marching band at Castle HS in Ind. died in a car wreck shortly after her band performed in the BOA Grand National finals.

Circus visions dance in the dreams at Miamisburg

The band at Miamisburg HS in Ohio creates memories in a memorable show about the things you might see at a circus, a student writes.

Avon band learns about oil & a few other things

The lessons we learn from participating in band can be shown nowhere better than in one of Indiana's and the nation's top performing ensembles.

Break-ups, beginnings, & the Beechwood band

Bechwood HS in Ft Mitchell, Ky., brings a marching band to the BOA Grand National Championships & offers advice for coping with break-ups.