Friday, September 29, 2023
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Illinois Bans Book Bans

Book bans by public libraries and schools will be illegal in Illinois, starting next year, thanks to a new law signed this week.

Ark. Law Makes It Criminal to Show Certain Books

A new Arkansas law would make it a criminal offense for librarians to put certain "inappropriate" books on their shelves. Most are LGBTQ-related.

On banning LGBTQ-related books (opinion)

Older students, i.e., those in high school, are generally opposed to banning any books. Many groups try to ban LGBTQ-themed books.

False choice: parent responsibility or freedom to learn

Parents continue seek book bans for LGBTQ+ themes, but we can have responsible parents and still allow children to learn.

Teacher ‘indoctrinated’; students explore & grow

'Indoctrinating' teachers about African-American history or gender identity is always good since kids are naturally curious.

Banned Books Week, Sept. 18-24, 2022

Banned Books Week has new significance this year, as everyone in education, from teachers to school boards, hears about inappropriate books.

Texas district will review challenged books anew

New policies in a Texas school district have forced school officials to re-review several books that parents and community members challenged.

Students mark Banned Books Week 2017

When communities rise up and challenge our libraries' right to carry certain books, the community challenges the 1st Amendment, a student explains.