Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Weird things this polar vortex brought

Unusual things have happened during the polar vortex that sent temps in the Midwest plummeting to well below zero.

Student opinions on the shutdown, week 3

Students have a lot to say about the federal shutdown and their take on the current mess in Washington has sparked some good writing.

Top cheerleading teams in IL, 2017-18

Champs for cheerleading have arrived in IL—not too many surprises. Lemont has won 6 times in 13 years of state competition.

New staff and policy at a few IL high schools

As the school year opens, several schools welcome new staff members, teachers, and so on. Others have new policies for student success.

Illinois’s top cheerleading teams of 2016-17

IL has cheerleading champions: Belvidere North, Lincoln-Way East, Lemont, Central (Breese). Congrats to the 100 teams that competed in Bloomington.

Girls in Belvidere sure know how to build a motor

Some high school competitions actually involve more traditional life skills, like how to fix your car when it breaks down.