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Illinois’s top cheerleading teams of 2016-17


The Illinois High School Association named its state champions in cheerleading yesterday and today at the Bloomington Coliseum.

A student from Normal Community HS sings the national anthem Saturday (IHSA-TV)

Cheerleading competition in Illinois high schools is divided into four divisions, not enrollment classes, and which division a team falls into depends on the make-up of the squad. There’s a division for small teams, medium teams, large teams, and one for coed teams.

Through a series of sectional competitions, which take place at pre-selected schools throughout the state, 100 teams advance to the final weekend of competition here. Because of the way teams fall into the divisions, though, the number of teams from each sectional that earn the right to advance to the state finals is flexible.

The top 10 teams in each of the four divisions—small, medium, large, and coed—then advance from Friday’s preliminary round to Saturday’s final round and perform for the state title.

The top three teams in each event were presented with trophies and individual medals at today’s competition when each event competition was over:

Joliet West performs in the large division (IHSA-TV)

In the coed division, the top three schools were:

  1. Belvidere North High School (Lacee Slaven, coach)
  2. Conant High School in Hoffman Estates (Amanda & Christina Schweinebraten, coaches)
  3. Buffalo Grove High School (Jeff Siegal, coach)

In the large division, the winners were:

  1. Lincoln-Way East High School in Frankfort (Jayson Polad, coach)
  2. Joliet West High School (Amy Diforti, coach)
  3. Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park (Mike Bruce, coach)

Lemont High School, this year’s medium division champions (IHSA-TV)

In the medium division, the top three teams were:

  1. Lemont High School (David Erlenbaugh, coach)
  2. Columbia High School (Robbie Walters, coach)
  3. Oak Forest High School (Christine DiVenti, coach)

Finally, in the small division, the top three teams were:

  1. Central High School in Breese (Julianne Jacob, coach)
  2. Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood (Nicole Faletti, coach)
  3. Paris Cooperative High School (Pia Twigg, coach)
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