Friday, September 18, 2020
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DeVos plans not to grant testing waivers

The US Ed Dept doesn't plan to issue testing waivers, as it did last year due to massive closures and the pandemic, under Ed Sec Betsy DeVos.

DeVos pushes Freedom Scholarship, a tax credit

The US ed sec was back on the stump today, pushing a tax-credit program to support "school choice" for "low-income" students.

Feds want to hear about Title IX changes

The US Ed. Dept. seeks comments on proposed changes to Title IX, hoping new rules will bring due process and better protect survivors.

DeVos says she won’t block Title IV-A funds for guns

Should the feds prevent schools from using funds intended for one purpose to purchase guns to arm teachers?

Principals call on DeVos not to abandon students

The nation's principals would like it if the US Ed. Dept. would listen more to students and stop abandoning them.

DeVos graduation speech in Baltimore draws protest

The US ed. sec. delivered a graduation speech at the U. of Baltimore Monday, but several people protested her appearance.

ACLU joins Frederick Co. transgender case

A transgender boy at a Maryland h.s. wants the district, despite a lawsuit, to keep new policies that protect him from bullying.

The federal budget and Title II funding

A closer look at Washington's attempts to pass a budget reveals some strategic cuts to programs that could affect teacher quality.

National Blue Ribbon: 292 public, 50 private schools

The US Ed. Dept. named 342 schools National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2017. Leaders react in IL, Md.; the schools will be honored in Nov.

Trump wants $200 million more for STEM & CS

President Trump encouraged study in the STEM disciplines, including computer science, especially for minorities.