Friday, May 7, 2021
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Bilingualism is no great challenge for toddlers

Cognitive advantages have been noted in previous research for bilingual children and adults. Studying how babies process 2 languages holds keys.

Schools struggle with English language learners

Philadelphia has a student population made up of about 12 percent English learners, for whom English isn't the native tongue. How can they learn?

Bilingual education is planting roots

As part of a growing global economy, many students are enrolling in dual-language programs and earning a Seal of Biliteracy.

Floridians support requiring Spanish study

Florida residents said they would support a change that could make learning Spanish a requirement for high school graduation.

Bilingual literacy & learning in Lexington, Ky.

Final 4 Part 4: One elementary school in Kentucky looks to help kids in its Lexington neighborhood by teaching in both Spanish & English.

Community liaisons can bridge gaps in understanding

A community liaison officer, hired in East Hampton, N.Y., helps bridge the gap of understanding between the school district and Spanish-speaking parents of its students.

U-46 bilingual education: exemplary or limited?

In a lawsuit alleging Illinois's second-largest school district unfairly denied access to quality programs by blacks and Hispanics, the court heard from two experts in bilingual education with different views on the quality of U-46's program.