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Students react in print to a few Trump issues

Many Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized; some students remain optimistic despite bigotry Trump's campaign may have encouraged.

Md. man gets probation for threatening school

A 20-yr-old man will serve 2 years probation for threatening, allegedly as a joke, to bring a bomb to a high school stadium.

Lemont H.S. evacuated after bomb threat

A bomb threat at a west-suburban IL high school caused an evacuation last week. It follows within a month of false news reports

Bomb threats at 2 Alton schools

Bomb threats caused Monday's evacuation of a high school and middle school in southern IL, near St Louis. No bombs were found.

Mass., Ohio led in 2015-16 school bomb threats

Even for a false alarm, the response to bomb threats at school can disrupt school routines and threaten safety.

Bomb threats cause disruptions in IL, Md.

Bomb threats and other threats have been received at several schools in IL and Md. The non-credible threats, it's believed, were made by students.

N.H. district closes schools due to threat

School will resume on Dec. 22 following an emergency closure in Nashua, N.H., Monday in order to investigate a threat of violence.

L.A. USD closes all schools due to bomb threat

All schools in Los Angeles were closed Tuesday following a bomb threat received electronically. It was a hoax, but schools erred on the side of safety.