Bomb threats at 2 Alton schools

Alton Senior High School and Alton Middle School were evacuated on Monday, following receipt of two separate bomb threats, the Telegraph reports.

Madison County sheriff’s deputies came to the high school and split up: half controlled the crowd and traffic outside the school, while the other half investigated the scene for any possible bomb, according to Capt Eric Decker.

“The staff and law enforcement agencies responding are working together closely,” he was quoted as saying. “Unfortunately, we’ve had similar instances in the past, so this is not an uncommon, but an unfortunate event.”

Officials at the high school said they received a “threatening call” at about 11:45 AM, according to a press release posted by the school district. The threat to the middle school was received at about 1:25 PM. High school students were taken to Hearland Baptist Church and to the athletic complex. Middle schoolers were taken to Main Street Methodist and Calvary Baptist churches, according to the Telegraph.

No bombs were detected by police K-9 units, and classes resumed as normal on Tuesday. Mr Decker added:

School bomb threats are not anything new to this school or nearby area schools. It’s unfortunate that it happened to occur after the latest weekend of events (in New York). Unfortunately the time we live in, we have to err on the side of safety and caution. It’s an unfortunate reality that some bad things can occur at places of public and private education.

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