Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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As budget passes in Illinois, eyes turn to recovery

IL lawmakers passed a budget, after a 2-yr impasse and unknown fallout in schools and universities, so the recovery will begin.

Cymbals in Morton & the IL state budget

IL continues under a budget impasse. Although towns step up to help, it comes down to figuring out how to solve the root problem.

IL needs to pass a state budget and quick

The state of Illinois has failed to pass a budget, and schools are drawing on reserves and finding other ways to cut expenses—just to stay open.

With budget impasse, an IL college cancels 3 days

The state of IL, even after 22 months of impasse, still has no budget, and schools, struggling to make ends meet, drop services.

Chicago Public Schools: Rauner cheats kids

Chicago Public Schools sent out a letter earlier this week, blaming Gov. Rauner of being like Pres. Trump, stealing from the most vulnerable children.

IL proposes a law to test for lead

IL may get a new law that will require certain elementary schools and daycares to test the drinking water for lead. Good move.

Would cutting football shock IL into a budget?

Should IL do something drastic to try to get the state government to approve a budget for the current fiscal year? What a disgrace!

Rauner signs 'no zero-tolerance' discipline bill

A new law will take effect in Sept '16 in IL to remove zero-tolerance policies in school discipline and make other changes.

Rauner signs part of budget: the part for schools

Gov Rauner (IL) signed approved funding for an increase in the general state aid to schools and a new proration rate of 92%.

Rauner on teachers, unions, PARCC, etc.

Gov Bruce Rauner of IL blasted teachers' unions when he spoke at a seminar for education journalists in Chicago. The teachers' union responded.