Friday, September 18, 2020
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Study links middle school bullying, Trump votes

An unusual pattern emerged in bullying when researchers cross-referenced it with regions that voted for Trump.

Student thrown in jail who opposed a school policy

A student was arrested and put in jail for speaking out against a school policy; he was charged with harassment.

Music lessons may reduce bullying of autistic kids

Collaborative music lessons in schools may help to reduce the bullying of autistic students, new research suggests.

We support Valerie’s Law, an IL anti-bullying measure

Would an IL law that makes it a misdemeanor for bullying have an impact at reducing the frequency of the destructive behavior?

Bullying based on a stigma is especially bad

When students are victimized by bullying because of a stigma, such as race, religion, or sexual orientation, they suffer disproportionately.

A pajama party confronts bullying in Oak Lawn

The S.A.D.D. Club at Richards is hosting Spirit Week, incl. Tuesday's Pajama Day. The theme this year is anti-bullying.

Obituary: Valaree Schwab; stabbing in New Rochelle

A series of stabbings around New Rochelle H.S. in N.Y. has left one girl dead and two students injured, one of them in a classroom.

Lonely at lunch? This app might help.

Bullied students often find themselves alone at lunch, but an app tries to reduce the harmful effects of being an outcast at the lunch table.

Amid hate incident uptick, U.Md. hires coordinator

Hate bias incidents are reportedly on the rise at Maryland's flagship university. Why? What can or should be done?

What adults think of kids’ health today

Adults today don't think kids are as healthy as those in their own generation back in the day, citing obesity, safety, bullying, etc.