Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Md. takes post-Labor Day start to the House

The Md. Assembly moved half-way to undoing an executive order that forces schools to start the school year after Labor Day.

Fla. schools may need to make up hurricane days

Make-up days for students in IL and sometimes Md. come when schools have snow days or cold-weather days. In Fla., days are made up for hurricanes.

Gov. joins state supt. on 1st day of school in Md.

The day after Labor Day is the new start of the school year for almost every one of Maryland's 24 school districts, under a new executive order.

How to keep summer long and strong

Let summer be summer, and don't start school too early to cut it short, writes a columnist in Naperville, IL.

Md. order makes starting before Labor Day difficult

Gov Larry Hogan issued another order to give the state school board some direction as to when they can waive his first executive order.

On year-round schooling’s impact on summer

One publisher in Baltimore wonders if we should have kids go to school year-round. It's worth the dialog, but it's a little complicated.

Comptroller might ask governor to order schools to start after Labor...

We can't support continued efforts on the part of some Md. policymakers to force public schools in the state to start after Labor Day.

Muslim holy days added to NY schools calendar

Should we observe Muslim holy days in our schools or just ignore religious references altogether when creating school calendars?

Post-Labor Day school start battle revs up again

As the Maryland comptroller picks up the drive to have schools start after Labor Day, we wonder how serious the question might be.

Poll: Marylanders want school to start after Labor Day

A new data point has been added to the debate about pushing back the start of school to past Labor Day to give businesses an extra week of summer.