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Football players trade brain damage for scholarships

Many kids continue to play football in hopes of getting a college scholarship, despite well-documented brain injuries that often result.

Was E. St. Louis football negligent about brain injury?

Former football player at E. St. Louis HS: coach & district were negligent in 2008, causing him to suffer permanent brain damage.

Football participation down in Chicago suburbs

High school football participation is down. Research that shows the sport leads to higher concussion and lower mental functioning is to blame.

Bad idea: Playing football before age 12

Repeated head impacts can lead to long-term consequences; do what you can at all levels in all sports to minimize these repeated hits.

Concussion recovery longer in brain than clinically

Even after athletes are cleared to return to play following a concussion, the brain still might not have fully recovered, new research suggests.

H.S. football players to raise funds for kids’ hospital

Football teams from 2 high schools near Peoria, IL, will raise funds this weekend for St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Continued brain training can help concussion victims

Learning about the brain after traumatic brain injury can help with the long-term recovery process; how the training works is a mystery.

Head injury can lead to genetic changes in brain

A traumatic brain injury could alter master genes and increase your risk of developing certain brain diseases, like ADHD, Alzheimer's, and autism.

Soccer may also lead to brain trauma

Do soccer players suffer from brain trauma at higher rates than the general population? Maybe, suggests a new study of their brains in London.

Some young NFL players have brain injuries

Research out of Johns Hopkins shows, people who play football or other sports and suffer head trauma are at increased risk of neurodegenerative disease.