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Same-day return to play common after concussion

Students who may have suffered a concussion during sports should not return to play until they have healed. Despite medical warnings, that doesn't always happen.

IL concussion diagnoses up over 5 years

More IL students were diagnosed with concussions last year than in 2010, reflecting an increased awareness of concussion in youth sports.

New contact rules reduce football head impacts

Football players sustain fewer impacts to the head following a policy change that aims to reduce full-contact practices (U.Mich.).

New pics of brain cells after a concussion

If we study concussions with no injured football players or brain biopsies, but just cell cultures, we can understand brain trauma at a cellular level.

Maryland settles lawsuit over sport concussions

Derek Sheely died from head injuries suffered during football practice at a Maryland university. His family sued, and the suit has now been settled.

Brain still not normal 6 months after concussion

Changes in the brain persist, even 6 months after a concussion on the football field, even though athletes say they feel fine.

Would cutting football shock IL into a budget?

Should IL do something drastic to try to get the state government to approve a budget for the current fiscal year? What a disgrace!

NFL said to ignore physics in Deflategate

Super Bowl 50 is today. How does the NFL get along with real science, civility, and parenting in the 21st century?

Imagine tackling drills without helmets

University researchers say they may have some ways to reduce C.T.E. and concussions in non-pro football players: practice tackling without helmets.

Movie review: Concussion

In the work of Dr Bennet Omalu, we see a true American hero, one who is working to ease the suffering of a players who play one of our favorite games.