Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Teacher ed leaders take stand against quackery

A report released by hundreds of deans and other leaders of teacher colleges across the country says counterproductive forces are at work.

Sotomayor calls for better civics ed

Justice Sonia Sotomayor went to Washington (state) to tell teachers and judges the US needs to better educate good citizens.

Civic engagement can help teens grow

Civic engagement during the teen years carries over into adulthood, esp. in reaching a higher level of academic completion.

Students in rural Ark. can ‘phone a friend’

Do you know people in your community, graduates of your high school, who would make good "Phone a Friend" volunteer mentors? Give 'em a call.

School funding moves slap Lansdowne in the face

People who go to Lansdowne HS in Balto. Co. say they need a whole new school building, not piecemeal renovations that only address a few issues.

Public can often use school facilities: track, pool, etc.

Do you know if you can use the facilities, such as a running track or swimming pool, at your local high school? Many schools across the country allow it.