Friday, September 17, 2021
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Conant student killed in car crash

A student at Conant H.S. in IL was killed in a fiery car crash Sunday. Speed was believed to be involved in causing the crash.

US should upgrade sex ed, a student opines

Incidents like Aziz Ansari's bad date or coercion, whatever it may have been, underscore the need for better sex ed in US schools.

Judge won’t stop a transgender policy in Dist. 211

Students at northwest-suburban high schools would probably agree: students should use bathrooms based on gender identity.

Feminine hygiene products available in IL schools

A new law in IL will make tampons and pads available to 6th through 12th graders in the bathrooms of their schools. Good idea!

Who run the world? She who codes it.

Girls Who Code promotes equity in high-tech fields. A summer immersion camp, where 1 team programmed robots, is part of it.

13 IL schools celebrate democracy award

They celebrate democracy by recognizing schools that embrace the mission of providing good learning opportunities in civics education.

Transgender quandary in Twp HSD 211

Palatine, IL-based H.S. Dist. 211 will provide gender-neutral changing and showering areas that transgender students must use. Unlawful.