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Football concussions take deadly toll in H.S.

About 3 football players every year in high school and college die from brain and spinal injuries they got while competing in a game.

Concussion screening should include vision

When it comes to return-to-play, vision doesn't play a big role, but eye problems after a concussion can impair a student's return to learn.

Some young NFL players have brain injuries

Research out of Johns Hopkins shows, people who play football or other sports and suffer head trauma are at increased risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Concussion healing time linked to symptom count

Patients who suffered more symptom after a concussion took longer to recover, and some didn't ever recover, even about 4 years out.

New blood test can reliably diagnose concussions

A new blood test can determine, with about a 90-percent accuracy, whether an adolescent athlete has suffered a concussion.

Same-day return to play common after concussion

Students who may have suffered a concussion during sports should not return to play until they have healed. Despite medical warnings, that doesn't always happen.

Sports injury app has good detection rates

A new app developed for student-athletes who are possibly injured has a very rate of detecting injury based on self-reported information.

IL concussion diagnoses up over 5 years

More IL students were diagnosed with concussions last year than in 2010, reflecting an increased awareness of concussion in youth sports.

Team Up, Speak Up, Fight Concussions on Sept. 13

To increase awareness of concussions among athletes (and hopefully reduce the occurrence), a foundation is broadcasting a 112-year-old speech.

Students well aware of concussions in IL, MD

Awareness of concussions has stepped up across the country. Here's a look at a few schools in Maryland and Illinois.