Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Much classic lit set to enter the public domain

The new year will bring many classic literary works to the public domain, as they were first published in 1923, a very lucrative year in literature.

Can you copyright a test question?

The Supreme Court ruled, again, that holders of intellectual property rights cannot impose restrictions on third-party buyers of their products. PARCC, look out!

PARCC attacks critics with copyright claims

Can test questions be copyrighted, and can the maker of a test block reproduction of test questions in the digital age?

Lesson-sharing sites & copyright law

It's a tricky business to post lesson plans online. Who owns those lessons? Can you charge people money for access to those lessons?

Music moves us, and we should pay for it

Taylor Swift convinced Apple Computer to pay artists royalties even while consumers stream their music for free. Why is that important?

HR 895 would challenge a 7th Circuit broadcast ruling

An Illinois House resolution would urge public hearings on the now-private operations of the IHSA, which can be lucrative for the IHSA and its vendors.

The Constitution & a state championship series

Editorial judgement in our ongoing report of a poll about the possibility of an Illinois state championship series in marching band developed by the IHSA requires us to look at a case appealed last year to the Seventh Circuit.

Judge allows UCLA to post purchased videos online

A federal district judge in California dismissed with prejudice a claim brought by educational video manufacturers against UCLA. They tried to bar the university from posting purchased educational videos on the Internet.