Friday, May 7, 2021
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Evolution, Darwin are not to be taught in Turkey

Turkish children will not learn about Darwin's evolution theories in high school biology classes starting next year, as the country redoes its curriculum.

Texas board will vote on science in April

Does Betsy DeVos believe we should teach creationism? the Bible? What would science teachers experience with her at the US Dept of Ed?

SCOTUS won’t hear Kan. science/atheism case

Science standards in a Bible-belt state have a tough fight. But the science will remain, and it would be great if it could co-exist with religious belief.

Dr. Ben Carson writes prescription for education

The education plan put forth by the Republican presidential candidate earlier this month has a few holes and inconsistencies.

Carson won’t ‘believe in’ evolution. Should you?

A Republican presidential candidate and neurosurgeon says he doesn't "believe in" evolution. Strange indeed. But so what?

La. won't repeal creationism law this year

Efforts in Louisiana backed by scientists, have failed to repeal a law that many say promotes religion & creationism; it turns evolution into a non-fact.

Suit seeks to allow distribution of religious materials

Whether students can distribute religious materials on school grounds may depend on whether anti-religion groups can distribute their own flyers.