Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Racial tensions rise at Md. football games

If you somehow thought the election of Barack Obama would bring a decline in racism, you were wrong. So wrong.

Cyber ransom was paid by N.Y. district

A ransomware attack, similar to one that struck Baltimore Co. in the spring, forced a N.Y. school district to pay $88K.

Cops don’t stop & talk to kids, kids start shooting

After a school shooting, which may be on the increase, the students at the school eventually return and go on with their lives.

European immigrants fail to assimilate to new country

With immigration comes an increase in terrorism-related and sex crime, a student opines at an IL high school.

In memoriam: 1 year after the Iguala crimes

We pause briefly to remember the souls of 43 students who were studying to become teachers in Mexico until police abducted them.

US Attorney: Child porn sentences need study

Judges seem to be handing down more lenient sentences in child pornography cases and departing from guidelines, said a US Attorney.