Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Md. senator tries (again) to fully fund IDEA

The IDEA, which provides federal funds to support students with disabilities, is 45. Congress has never fully funded it.

Judge denies request to force schools to reopen

Special ed students are being denied important educational services when schools close; families fight back in court.

Dyslexia may affect writing as well as reading

Proper diagnosis is key in dyslexic children, who have trouble processing written words. They often have trouble writing, even without dysgraphia.

It’s a brand new day for the ‘think system’ in music

A computer interface between the brain, through brain waves, and music composition software allows people to compose a work of music just by thinking about it.

Present debate shifts focus away from student issues

There are, to be sure, real issues facing America. But the present debate has caused lawmakers to lose focus and move away from actual solutions.

We grow with birthdays & celebrations

Where does the idea of a birthday party come from? How do you celebrate birthdays? And what, exactly, are you celebrating?

We portray disabilities to make the able feel good

How do we portray disabled people? Can we portray them more accurately or in a way that will help to ease their inclusion in a diverse society?

Lackawanna H.S. marks 26 years of A.D.A. on 7/26

The Americans with Disabilities Act turned 26 today, and comments from the Justice Dept and those who work with disabled people say we have a long way to go.

When trauma requires accommodation

A lawsuit in Calif. seeks to get students who have witnessed violence in their communities special accommodations as disabled students.