Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Wash. school dist. settles racial discrimination suit

3 families in Washington state will receive $450,000 from a school district that allegedly did too little to protect them from racial discrimination.

Transgender bathroom access on hold legally

The US Supreme Court issued a stay, temporarily blocking enforcement of guidance from the Obama administration on transgender bathroom access.

Educator made valid racial discrimination claim

The 7th Circuit ruled a black school administrator in Chicago stated a valid racial discrimination claim after she was laid off.

Religious freedom bumps into gay rights in Ind.

A new Indiana law worries education support businesses that call Indianapolis home, including the NCAA. What about Bands of America?

Chitling Test misused, badly, in a Maryland school

A racially-biased test was distributed to students at a Maryland high school. Although the test offers valuable lessons, its use must include sensitivity, especially among non-college students.

Segregation by race, income prominent in US

Schools are becoming more segregated by race in the US, not less, and this trend seems to carry with it an increasing segregation in US schools by poverty level.