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Important kindergarten lessons in Md. and Miss.

We learn many of life's most important lessons, academic and otherwise, in kindergarten. Money for schools can support good programs.

Selinsgrove confronts a drug abuse problem

Drug problems are certainly affecting US schools and US schoolchildren, reports Hilde Lysiak from Selinsgrove, Pa.

Students share thoughts on opiate addiction

What do high school students think about the nationwide heroin problem, which often starts for them with prescription painkillers?

Mice remember well where they get high

Even if key areas of the brain are dysfunctional, mice can learn to associate smell and look of a location with the availability of cocaine.

Kids may think marijuana less harmful if legalized

If the recreational use of marijuana is legalized, some 8th and 10th graders in Washington tend to think the drug is less harmful. No real change seen in Colo.

Obituary: Ryan Ainsworth & Grant Seaver; U-47700

A dangerous opioid drug, imported from China, is 8× stronger than morphine and has killed dozens of US teens. It's too new to be listed as illegal.

Parents want schools to cover more health topics

When it comes to health class, many parents say they want more topics of interest today, including sex, drugs, and alcohol, covered.

More grandmoms raising kids. Why? Opioids.

Addiction to prescription painkillers and other opioids, including heroin, causes situations where children are raised by grandparents.

Teens exposed to drugs more likely to abuse in 20s

If you have easy access to alcohol or drugs at home as a teen, chances are higher you'll abuse those drugs in your 20s (Mich.St.U.)

Dangers of binge drinking in college

Binge drinking is a problem, in more ways than one, on college campuses across the US. Folks at Alabama have some advice.