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Study links middle school bullying, Trump votes

An unusual pattern emerged in bullying when researchers cross-referenced it with regions that voted for Trump.

Congrats, brother, on your new STEMpathy job

New jobs, a large number of them, involve both STEM skills and knowledge as well as interpersonal skills, like communication and management skills.

Rewards key for seeking decision-making info

In seeking information before making a decision, people may be biased by rewards in addition to the natural tendency to seek out information in line with our own beliefs.

Burlington Central voters choose to expand

Voters in a northwest suburban district in IL approved a bond issue to build a new band room and 12 new classrooms at the high school.

Trump won, now what? a Maine teacher asks

We wonder, with a teacher from Maine, what the presidency of Donald Trump will hold for our nation's schools and students.

Carver tells of (Don Quixote’s) impossible dreams

A musical opened at a National Blue Ribbon vocal and instrumental music-magnet high school north of Baltimore, just 2 days after the election.

In historic vote, U.S. elects Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been elected president, the 1st person to be elected without ever holding a military post or elective office. Here are school-centered priorities.

Parade to early voting at Stevenson HS

There will be an early voting parade in Lincolnshire, IL Saturday, but new Clinton emails have surfaced that may contain classified information. Or not.

Vandals strike Republican targets

Attacks on Republican presidential campaign targets are occurring and being reported. Disagreements, yes, but let's not become violent.

Q&A by Clinton, Trump on education issues

Presidential candidates responded (sort of) to a request by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post to some education-related questions.