Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil

The Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota has spring a leak and dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil onto a field.

EPA advisory boards bring new perspective

EPA's Scott Pruitt names advisers who may jeopardize key environmental moves but will take a new look at our clean air policies.

Feds: It’s clear humans cause climate change

The govt. released a blockbuster report that says, without question, human activity is responsible for most global warming.

Runoff from Harvey may threaten coral reefs

Runoff from floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey in Texas now threatens coral reefs in a national marine sanctuary off the coast.

Will the US pull out of Paris?

There's been a hint of bipartisanship in Washington lately, but will it affect international agreements? The wall? Immigration?

Wildfires affect folks miles away in Montana Rockies

The Rocky Mountains in Mont. are breathtaking, but today, they're covered in smoke from wildfires that are impacting people's lives.

Can good governance cut greenhouse gases?

Reducing greenhouse gases would reduce the effects of climate change. Have 9 states found a way to do that?

Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is 200 years old

Pollution, resulting in high nitrogen levels in the Chesapeake Bay estuary in Maryland, did not start building after World War II but about a hundred years earlier.

Breakthrough might save the Great Barrier Reef

Starfish feed on coral & can wipe out big sections of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. But scientists are figuring out ways to solve that.

Fracking could be banned in Maryland

Fracking has helped some companies extract oil and gas from the Earth, but it has also left permanent damage to the Earth's crust in its wake.