Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Federal judge lectures lawyer on sacred music

The question of including religious music in a performance at a public high school brings questions about the 1st Amendment.

Students can lead prayers at school board meetings

The 5th Circuit ruled school boards can invite students to pray before school board meetings, provided it's the right kind of prayer.

Christmas program didn’t violate 1st Amendment

Can a public school display a Nativity scene in its Christmas play? A living scene won't cut it, but one with figurines seems to be OK.

After-school ‘Satan’ clubs are popping up

Satanic clubs are popping up in a few places. Not to worship the devil but to eliminate from schools those who take advantage of religious liberty to indoctrinate kids.

Nev. Supreme Court hears voucher cases

Nevada's supreme court could issue a ruling soon as to the constitutionality of 2 of the widest-reaching voucher laws in the nation.

Christian group helps teachers understand a law

Bring Christianity into public school classrooms to address student questions that don't start out that way, is wrong.

Va. H.S. shuts down over lesson on Islam

A Virginia high school was closed Friday because parents had sent hateful messages that could be considered threatening about a lesson on Islam.

IL & Ore. schools may be establishing religion

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has recently lodged complaints against public school districts in Naperville and Portland, asking them to stop establishing religion.

Ga. school investigating mass Christian baptism

On a video, it looks like a coach and his football players were baptized on the football field, apparently right before a practice in mid-August.

Ky. clerk won’t issue same-sex marriage licenses

A court clerk in Kentucky says signing a same-sex marriage license would violate her Apostolic Christian conscience.