Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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On intertwining religion and education in high school

Transitioning to a public high school from a religious middle school can be smooth or not. But many students keep their faith.

Geometry builds a new house, even in a tree

Math and CTE students in IL and Texas are using geometry to build houses—some for living in, some for climbing in, as in tree houses.

Evanston & Oak Park kneel for the anthem

Protests over the anthem continue across America, esp. after Pres. Trump denounced the practice, calling it un-American.

Opaque leggings now OK at Evanston Twp.

Should schools prohibit girls from wearing leggings? If so, what does that say about equality of the sexes in our public schools?

IL state champs in debate

We congratulate the IL state champions in the four divisions of debate from Evanston Township (2), Glenbrook North, and Schaumburg high schools.