Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Orlando schools hide students who drop out

Schools in Orlando appear to be gaming the system in order to keep letter grades for the high schools high, even though students aren't being served.

Free speech, gun safety win in Florida

Should doctors be allowed to talk about health and safety issues with their patients freely? The 11th Circuit says yes.

Fla. court won’t hear voucher case

FL's Supreme Court won't hear a case that teachers' unions say would challenge the constitutionality of private school voucher programs.

Fla. judge: Tests alone can’t hold 3rd graders back

A Fla. judge has ruled that the Bush-era law requiring 3rd graders to pass a reading test is no good.

Poor students study environment on the river

An environmental advocacy group partners with schools in jacksonville, Fla., to provide field trips on a river for the city's poorest students.

Floridians support requiring Spanish study

Florida residents said they would support a change that could make learning Spanish a requirement for high school graduation.