Thursday, August 13, 2020
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New laws now in effect in Md., Fla.

Several laws took effect on Oct. 1, incl. an increase in the age to buy tobacco in Md, & a law that allows Fla. teachers to carry guns.

Michael splinters homes, uproots trees, upends lives

Many schools in Florida are still closed after a deadly hurricane laid a path of destruction across much of the panhandle.

Hurricane Michael: Cat. 4 in Florida

Power losses and other damage on Florida's Gulf Coast from Hurricane Michael. Schools are closed through at least Thursday.

Schools seek advice on medical marijuana use

Some states allow new medical marijuana laws to apply to schools; others don't. Either way, it's a conflict with federal law.

Hybrid vigor increases in an invasive Fla. python

Invasive pythons in Florida have increased their chances of survival by interbreeding between Indian and Burmese pythons.

Shooting at a Fla. high school leaves 17 dead

Another school shooting has occurred, this time in Florida, in the nation's 7th-largest school district: Broward Co. Public Schools.

Santas, some secret, pay off student meal balances

A growing holiday tradition is to give schools money to help them pay off past-due student lunch bills.

Irma, a Cat. 5, wipes out Antigua, Barbuda; Fla. in path

Hurricane Irma remained a Category 5 storm longer than any other hurricane in recorded history. It's headed to south Florida.

Orlando schools hide students who drop out

Schools in Orlando appear to be gaming the system in order to keep letter grades for the high schools high, even though students aren't being served.

Free speech, gun safety win in Florida

Should doctors be allowed to talk about health and safety issues with their patients freely? The 11th Circuit says yes.