Monday, August 15, 2022
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We support written commitment to free press

Student journalists at private schools aren't technically protected by the 1st Amendment's free press clause. They can be.

Movie review: The Post

A movie written before Donald Trump was elected president reminds me a lot of him and takes a look at a free press Scotus ruling.

Student newspaper returns to Quincy, digitally

Welcome back to the exploratory world of high school student journalism, The Q-Review at Quincy HS in Illinois.

On flag-burning & a free and independent press

Can the president throw someone out of the country for burning the flag? Can he throw someone in jail for doing that?

Bill would give student journalists more ‘freedom’

Legislation now under consideration in Md., IL, and a few other states would provide actual freedom of the press to student newspapers.

Sudanese woman who wore pants spared lashes

A journalist in Sudan was found guilty of wearing pants against the Islamic dress code. She was fined, not whipped.

N. Korea releases 2 imprisoned US journalists

2 US journalists have received a "special pardon" from North Korea and have been released from prison.

N. Korea sentences 2 US journalists: 12 years hard labor

The 2 journalists were sentenced for illicit acts, including illegally crossing the border into N. Korea from China.