Friday, July 10, 2020
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To live a long life, stay in shape & keep learning

You may extend your expected lifespan by staying shape, not engaging in bad habits like smoking, and by continuing to study and learn after school.

A computer might help count human cell types

A computer program from Belgium may help scientists understand why the 30 trillion cells in a human body have so many different types.

Purple & black are in your genes. What else is?

Wanna get your DNA tested for a few "superhero" genes? All you have to do is be at the Ravens-Browns game Sunday in Baltimore.

Folic acid during conception reduces risk of autism

If you live near farms, avoiding pesticides may not be possible, but that increases the risk your children will develop autism. Try folic acid.

Gene mutation may be at root of eating disorders

Eating disorders affect about 30 million in the US, mostly young adults. There's a stigma that goes with them, but biology (genetics) may be at the root.

Scientists use CRISPR to edit human embryo genes

Scientists report that they have successfully edited the human genome in embryos in order to remove certain genetic abnormalities.

Better to teach genetics before evolution

Getting students to understand a tough concept like evolution could be better if you teach them the fundamentals of genetics first.

Kids exposed to traffic pollution show DNA damage

Doctors may one day be able to model the cell-level effects of exposure to traffic-related air pollution using telomere length in our cells.

Gene-editing tool shows promise for vision disorder

CRISPR may allow researchers to deactivate a master switch gene in DNA to prevent the worsening of a blindness-causing condition

Genetics may predict a child’s reading ability

A London study has used a genetic scoring technique to predict reading performance throughout school years from DNA alone.