Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Atlanta closes to in-person through year’s end

Public schools in Atlanta will continue e-learning through at least the end of December, due to a rise in Covid-19 cases in the community.

Loan forgiveness gains some bipartisan support

One Republican from GA, who used to work under Betsy DeVos at the US Education Dept, offers a plan to forgive some student loan debt.

Ga. charter school operator stole $1.2 million

We've known charter schools can become corrupt more easily than traditional public schools because oversight regulations are relaxed.

Sheriff ‘searched’ students, faces sex assault charge

A search that may have been unlawful or unconstitutional at a Ga. h.s. has resulted in the indictment of a sheriff on sexual battery charges.

Games begin tomorrow for a Ga. marching band

Marching band competitions and festivals are in full swing across America, including at East Hall H.S. in Gainesville, Ga. Looking good!

Ga. Eagle Scout-to-be builds a marching band tower

Marching band brings benefits to students and is a powerful formative tool in instruction: academically and non-academically.