Monday, October 26, 2020
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We congratulate the ‘Walkout’ Class of 2018

We extend a wish of congratulations and joy to the graduates of the Class of 2018. We express hope in the future with them in the lead.

DeVos graduation speech in Baltimore draws protest

The US ed. sec. delivered a graduation speech at the U. of Baltimore Monday, but several people protested her appearance.

Federal rule change could make grad rates fall

States that offer different levels of high school diploma may need to adjust their graduation rates pursuant to a federal rule change.

Calculus, cardboard canoes, commencement @WVHS

The year wrapped up for seniors yesterday at one of the Chicago area's biggest and best high schools. We once again salute seniors.

We congratulate the “Politicized” Class of 2017

We congratulate the Class of 2017, and in keeping with tradition, we have dubbed it the "politicized" class, following November's elections.

Orlando schools hide students who drop out

Schools in Orlando appear to be gaming the system in order to keep letter grades for the high schools high, even though students aren't being served.

Wooten can break it down for environmentalists

Jazz musicians can really deliver a graduation speech, as Victor Wooten proved when he talked to environmental science grads in Vermont last spring.

Grad rate inches up a little in 2014-15

The US graduation rate hit a new high in 2014-15, when about 83% of high school students graduated on time, US Dept of Ed says.

8th-grade grad speaker impersonates candidates

A viral video of an Arlington Hts 8th grader impersonating several politicians, including President Obama and Donald Trump, was featured on the Tonight Show.

Reports: Dad can’t see son’s preschool graduation

Should a father be allowed to attend his son's graduation from preschool despite an (unjust) ban from the grounds?