Friday, June 18, 2021
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NCAA touts highest-ever graduation rate

Graduation rates for college athletes rose slightly and are ahead of the graduation rates for the general student body, the NCAA says.

Chicago grad rate adjusted down due to error

CPS adjusted its graduation rates to account for dropouts who were incorrectly classified as students who transferred to another school.

2012-13 US graduation rate is highest ever

US graduation rates were higher for the Class of 2013 than they have ever been, but gaps still exist and adjustments are being made.

Lack of education as deadly as smoking

A new study links death to education differences. Variation in the risk of death across education levels has widened considerably.

Hold your applause at graduation or go to jail

Millions of high school students are joyfully graduating. Sometimes, requests to hold applause until the end of the ceremony are taken too seriously.

Mom accepts diploma for son killed in car crash

The captain of a south suburban, Ill., football team died in a car crash just days before graduation. Marijuana is suspected to have caused the crash.

Congratulations to the vocal Class of 2015

We congratulate the Class of 2015, all 3.3 million high school seniors who will receive their diplomas this year. We describe the class as "vocal."

Maryland’s high school graduation rate rises again

Maryland's high school graduation rate reached a new high for the 2012 cohort, but state officials are still not completely satisfied. The state's superintendent said the positive graduation rate news was a good first step, though, toward preparing students for college and career.