Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Evolution, Darwin are not to be taught in Turkey

Turkish children will not learn about Darwin's evolution theories in high school biology classes starting next year, as the country redoes its curriculum.

Trump picks a national security adviser

Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser should be opposed, even though opposition by Republicans is unlikely.

Turkish coup attempt & alleged ties to US charters

The failed coup attempt in Turkey has been blamed on a cleric tied to charter schools in the US, who denies any involvement.

Peoria Gulen charter buys political ads in Philly

A company that runs a charter school in Peoria was linked to political attack ads in the Philadelphia mayoral race this spring.

Court in Turkey rules in favor of Gulen charters

A network of charter schools based in Turkey, said to be part of a "parallel state" being run by a leader in exile, will remain open.

What's happening this month at Gulen charters?

Charter schools tied to the Turkish Gulen movement are under investigation after several outrageous reports were relayed to the Ohio Board of Ed.

FBI raids 19 Gulen-affiliated charter schools

The FBI raided charter school affiliated with the Turkish Gulen movement. We wonder what it's all about, but we have our suspicions.