Friday, August 7, 2020
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Nutrition guidance helps reduce student obesity

Children whose schools teach about making healthy eating choices tend to show a reduced trend toward obesity, more so than physical activity.

N.D. leads the nation in school salad bars

The CDC has ranked the nation's high and middle schools in terms of how many of them in each state have salad bars.

Drinking water with school lunch may cut obesity

A study out of the U. of IL suggests that encouraging students to drink water during lunch at school could cut their risks of becoming overweight.

Gene mutation may be at root of eating disorders

Eating disorders affect about 30 million in the US, mostly young adults. There's a stigma that goes with them, but biology (genetics) may be at the root.

Convincing kids to choose salad in the lunch line

New research suggests that exposing kids to appropriate marketing can lead more of them to choose healthy options in the lunch line.

A new idea for lunch: make it your way

Students at a Md. high school will have tastier lunches to choose from, thanks to efforts by the school district's food service workers.

Parents don’t promote healthy eating habits

Although parents know about healthy diets, many of them don't promote healthy eating in their kids, according to a new survey from U.Mich.

We can spot downsizing but not supersizing

Any time a company or restaurant reduces the portion size, we complain loudly, but not about supersizing. In fact, we don't even notice itl as much.

Some teen health issues linked with screen time

Watching too much TV has been linked to health problems like obesity and poor diet, but more and more, those screens are on smartphones. Same issues.

Kids’ diets better, but still low-quality

A standard measure for how healthy a diet is showed researchers from Brown U. and U.Mass. that kids are eating better but need improvement still.