Monday, October 18, 2021
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Weather conference for Howard Co. 6th graders

The Howard County (Md.) Conservancy invites 6th graders to register for a conference about preparing for extreme weather.

Howard Co. sounds an under-staffing alarm

Teachers in a Md. district have filed a grievance over missing planning and lunch periods and, as a result, putting the most vulnerable students at risk.

No Howard Co. juniors face required redistricting

Howard Co., Md., faces not only overcrowding but wide gaps in terms of socioeconomic status of families at its diverse schools.

Busing woes in Md., acquisitions in IL

The issue of busing children brings debate, protest, and some surprising innovations and star players to schools.

Urgent needs felt by new supt. in Howard Co.

A Md. school district with ~55,000 kids has a new superintendent, who replaces one who sued her own school board and was bought out for $1.6 mil.

Md. county, schools confront racism & bigotry

A community forum #OneHoward hopes to address racism and bigotry in Howard Co., Md. It's off to a fiery start for sure.

Principal stars in snow day video in Howard Co.

During snow days, some school employees, including principals and skeleton custodial staff, report to the school. Some of them make videos.

A few Md. schools reinvent gym class

Engaging students in gym class isn't easy. It can require creative thinking on the part of PE teachers. That's what happens in Howard County.

Howard Co. wants you to report bullying, cyberbullying

A new system has been launched by county and school officials in Howard Co., Md., a system that allows officials to field reports of bullying and cyberbullying.