Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Fox Island disappears in the Chesapeake

An island that has provided some environmental education for many is being lost to rising sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay.

Mich. moves to minimize high school math

Michigan's legislature is now considering a bill that would eliminate the requirement of algebra II for h.s. graduation.

Federal rule change could make grad rates fall

States that offer different levels of high school diploma may need to adjust their graduation rates pursuant to a federal rule change.

H.S. diplomas shouldn’t mean college-readiness

We should stop assuming high school graduation needs to be tied to college-readiness since, among other problems, the term can't actually be defined.

What we decide to teach about algebra

Why is it so important for all kids to learn algebra? Maybe we should start focusing on math that will help them succeed in life instead.

New civics graduation requirement in Illinois

A new law in IL makes it a H.S. graduation requirement to include at least 1 semester of civics as part of the 2-year social studies requirement.

IL tops list of states requiring ACT of all grads

2015 ACT composite scores in Illinois were highest among states where all graduates were required to take the test.

2 states add citizenship test for graduation; Md. next?

Should passing a basic citizenship test be a requirement for high school graduation? Some state legislators think it should.