Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Ohio school hears a sad message about opioids

Drug overdose deaths are surging in the US, and that's a problem on many levels. It hits high schools hard, both for families and friends of those addicted.

Body image issues linked to teen alcohol use

High school girls who have issues with body image and weight are more likely to be drinkers than ) their peers, a recent U.S. study suggests.

Gummy bears make students sick in Naperville

Students at Naperville North HS in IL became ill today after eating gummy bears that may have been laced with another substance.

Obituary: Ryan Ainsworth & Grant Seaver; U-47700

A dangerous opioid drug, imported from China, is 8× stronger than morphine and has killed dozens of US teens. It's too new to be listed as illegal.

Parents want schools to cover more health topics

When it comes to health class, many parents say they want more topics of interest today, including sex, drugs, and alcohol, covered.

More grandmoms raising kids. Why? Opioids.

Addiction to prescription painkillers and other opioids, including heroin, causes situations where children are raised by grandparents.

Teens smoke, drink, drug less than before

The University of Michigan released data from its 2015 Monitoring the Future survey Wednesday, showing declining rates of drug abuse by teens.

College students can easily find stimulants

It's not hard for college students to find (and abuse) prescription drugs on campus, according to a new survey from Ohio State.

Mom accepts diploma for son killed in car crash

The captain of a south suburban, Ill., football team died in a car crash just days before graduation. Marijuana is suspected to have caused the crash.