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Happiness is a choice, a top one, students declare

Happiness is, at least, as important as test scores and other accomplishments for schools and students. Here's the proof.

On teaching important life skills in high school

Learning important life skills in school would be far superior to learning the different types of clouds, an IL student explains.

It’s Wildcard Weekend in the NFL. Who knew?

Fan support for NFL teams is down, but TV ratings may not tell the whole story. Yet in high school, rivalries still bring excitement.

Miss. school sparks the flame of success

A focus on attendance and investment by the community in the school's goals has helped one Miss. elementary turn around.

Don’t make C.T.E. a case of ‘pep without purpose’

Career and technical education programs in high school are great: they serve a focused need for vocational training. Don't stop there.

Teens getting less sleep than in 1991

Doctors think teens need 9 hrs of sleep a night; that sleep is limited to about 7 hrs a night when teens have high screen time.

The role of public schools, according to students

"What should the proper role of teachers and schools be in students' lives?" online publications ask actual kids.

Morality best learned from stories with humans

Children learn lessons about morality better from storybooks with human characters than they do if the stories have human-like animals.

Worst semester of life at a competitive high school

Being a student at a highly competitive high school has its good points, but many students bail out at the first sign of stress.

Pokémon GO players are friendly people

People who play the wildly popular game are more physically active and likely to be experiencing positive emotions and nostalgia.