Monday, July 13, 2020
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Calif. law requires a sane start time for teens

A new law in Calif. will require public middle schools to start no earlier than 8:00 and high schools no earlier than 8:30.

New laws now in effect in Md., Fla.

Several laws took effect on Oct. 1, incl. an increase in the age to buy tobacco in Md, & a law that allows Fla. teachers to carry guns.

Trump signs 1st major education law

A new law underscores the president's hope to "develop the workforce" in the nation's "booming economy." 1st major ed bill signed.

Feminine hygiene products available in IL schools

A new law in IL will make tampons and pads available to 6th through 12th graders in the bathrooms of their schools. Good idea!

IL students now have to study cursive writing

IL schools will have to teach cursive writing by the time students finish 5th grade. Gov Rauner called the new law an unfunded mandate.

IL Assembly overrides a student loan rights veto

Overriding a veto, the IL General Assembly moved to protect the rights of students who borrow money for college.

Will later school start times come to California?

The Calif. legislature had an opportunity to do something good for kids. They failed. Once again, it's a fight for local control vs. science.

Md. schools to stock opioid overdose drug

Opioid abuse has hit high schools, so educators in many states, incl. Maryland, stock schools with an emergency overdose antidote drug.

Students who merit scholarships get aid reduced

Students who get scholarships that they have worked hard to achieve face the very real possibility that the financial aid they receive will be cut.

Sticks and stones at the president’s motorcade

Violence distracts our national focus away from more important matters, like a bill now in the US House that will voucher-ize the nation's schools.