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Check letter spacing to help kids learn to read

How can the spacing of letters in words be used to help young children who are having difficulty learning to read?

$45 mil from feds will strengthen Md. literacy

Literacy is a foundation for all learning, and Md. public schools have their share of $45 million coming from the feds to boost literacy skills.

Reading Now Network is a West Mich. positive

Reading at grade level, by third grade, has been shown to predict success throughout a student's school life, and one group of Mich. schools is meeting the challenge.

A healthy diet supports early literacy skills

Diets rich in vegetables, fruit, berries, whole grain, fish, and unsaturated fats and low in sugary products produced better reading scores. From Finland.

Bilingual education is planting roots

As part of a growing global economy, many students are enrolling in dual-language programs and earning a Seal of Biliteracy.

Thyroid function linked to reading & math ability

Abnormal levels of a hormone produced by the thyroid are often associated with difficulties students have with literacy and numeracy skills.

8th graders calculate surface area for charity

Some students in Columbus, Indiana, have taken the lead when it comes to donating books to charitable organizations this Christmas.

2009 Summer Reading Survey

One of the most important skills you will develop in school is the ability to read. Without this ability, functioning at any level in...