Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Teen Vogue Summit inspires teens in L.A.

A magazine's summit brings together young people, and inspires, encourages, & connects a new generation of activists & creators.

8th graders create “Kids Love Baton Rouge” site

A creative group of 8th graders at a technology magnet school in Louisiana developed a marketing website about their hometown capital.

Online, personalized ads may not work

A new study out of IL suggests that online ads that targets users based on a profile may be backfiring, esp with college students.

In marketing, what’s a Facebook “like” worth?

Here's a causal study of the effects of "liking" a page or a company on Facebook. What does it do for a company to build up followers?

Youth remember alcohol ads more than adults

Young people report seeing more alcohol ads online than adults do, according to a new study released by Johns Hopkins.

Spray-on repellents are best against mosquitoes

Which repellent is the best at protecting you against mosquito bites. Some entomologists in New Mexico asked that question. Skip the sonic ones, they say.

Best not to put fun activities on a schedule

Scheduling leisure and fun activities makes them take on qualities of work, so be fun: Don't put leisure activities in a planner.