Sunday, May 9, 2021
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FBI says Mich. group planned to kidnap gov.

13 men stand accused of various crimes, including plotting to storm the State Capitol building and planning to start a civil war.

Mich. band teams up with bandless football team

What's a football team to do if the school doesn't have a marching band? One Michigan high school has a possible solution.

Mich. moves to minimize high school math

Michigan's legislature is now considering a bill that would eliminate the requirement of algebra II for h.s. graduation.

Former math teacher pleads to stabbing wife & more

A former teacher in Mich. pleaded no contest to stabbing his wife & having a sexual relationship with a middle school student.

Title IX suit says high school didn’t treat girl fairly

A star athlete had sex with a student in his car near the school. The girl's attire was questioned and she was expelled. He graduated.

Medicaid expansion helped Mich. economy, too

Economics research from the U of Mich. shows Medicaid expansion under ACA brought jobs and new revenue for the state in addition to insuring people.

Reading Now Network is a West Mich. positive

Reading at grade level, by third grade, has been shown to predict success throughout a student's school life, and one group of Mich. schools is meeting the challenge.

1st winter storm kills 2, wrecks cars

A winter storm has brought more than a foot of snow and gusty winds to areas in the Upper Midwest and the Northeastern US.

Lead in the water supply in Flint, MI

Dire situation in Flint, Mich.: The water supply is contaminated with lead from cheap pipes. Schools ask for help in the form of clean water.

Sci. & Soc. Stud. standards get a hearing in Mich.

Information sessions about new science and social studies learning standards are ongoing in Mich., with a few more planned for this week.