Friday, September 17, 2021
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Wis. girl found 3 months after abduction

A 13-year-old girl, whose parents were murdered, was abducted by a stranger and held captive for 3 months before she escaped.

Obituary: Police Officer Amy Caprio

A Balto. Co. police officer was run over by a Jeep allegedly driven by a juvenile suspect. On a school day. This is Baltimore.

Obituary: Valaree Schwab; stabbing in New Rochelle

A series of stabbings around New Rochelle H.S. in N.Y. has left one girl dead and two students injured, one of them in a classroom.

Obituary: Markel Scott; homicide in Baltimore

Markel "Kel" Scott was shot dead in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, the 4th homicide victim this school year at Excel Academy on the West Side.

‘D. Rose’ guilty of murder in Chicago

A murderer of a Chicago teenager was convicted and faces up to 45 years. The victim was trying to make life better in his community.

Md. teens charged in murder of Va. girl, 13

The murder of a 13-year-old liver transplant patient from Virginia following what may have been a social media hook-up leaves Va. Tech reeling.

Mass. teen guilty of rape, murder of math teacher

A teen in Mass. was found guilty of raping & murdering his 9th-grade algebra teacher. He had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Italians convict American student of murder

Amanda Knox was found guilty in Italy of murdering her roommate. Lots of rumor and innuendo here.