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Music lessons may reduce bullying of autistic kids

Collaborative music lessons in schools may help to reduce the bullying of autistic students, new research suggests.

The brain knows what music you’re listening to

Different brain waves are given off in the brain when we listen to different music (rock, jazz, classical). Exciting research—NOT.

Brain shaped by native language and music

Our brains develop based on stimuli they receive, and some of that includes auditory stimuli, or sounds: music, language, other noises.

Ga. Eagle Scout-to-be builds a marching band tower

Marching band brings benefits to students and is a powerful formative tool in instruction: academically and non-academically.

FAIL: Mythbusting about learning styles

We look, once again, at teen learning styles & propose that, while they are neuromyths, they can help instruction.

Background music is both positive and negative

Music affects us in many ways, but can it help us remember what we learn? Studies are equivocal on the question, and it may depend on the individual.

We decide early in life if we can carry a tune

Students decide early in life if they have any musical "talent," and that predicts whether they take music classes later. They don't see music ability as a skill.

Reaction time faster in musicians

If you play a musical instrument (or two...), you response time to sensory stimuli may be faster than it is for non-musicians. No causation here, just an interesting correlation.

Runners’ brains, like musicians’, more connected

Research shows that runners' brains, like those of musicians, are more connected in their networks of neurons. What's that about?

How musicians’ brains work as they play

As they play an instrument, musicians' brains process several different types of information, and lots of it, in parallel, new research hints.