Friday, August 14, 2020
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Trauma changes the brain, even in learning music

Understanding how emotional trauma affects the brain can guide music teachers in unlocking the full potential of each student.

Cooperation & teamwork at work linked to music

Music leads to a greater spirit of cooperation among co-workers, just like it promotes enjoyment and cooperation, not competition, at school.

Music can relieve some cancer symptoms

Music has been shown to alleviate some symptoms suffered by cancer patients, including anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

Background music affects attitudes toward sharks

Music shapes our perceptions and emotions, even about sharks. It has long been a part of a well-rounded education in our schools.

Rich Twp. high schools lose a band director

The band programs at Rich Twp. high schools are being reduced: declining enrollment, budget issues (of course). Not my favorite decision.

Kan. teacher wants to write a song about Obama

Music has a powerful effect on kids. Making music out of classroom lessons can give content time to sink in as kids sing along.

More P.E. (not) linked to higher math scores

A new study from D.C. shows no positive correlation between PE minutes per week and academic proficiency in mathematics.

Re-engaging the 'music helps math' debate

Occasionally articles link music to math ability, suggesting the only reason we should support music ed is that it helps kids with their math.

New study: No intelligence gains from music lessons

Another nail has been driven into the coffin on those studies that appeared to link music study in children with enhanced intelligence or cognitive ability in non-music areas.

A teacher, of music and more, honored by generations

Jerry Swanson, former choir director at Elk Grove HS (and before that, Forest View HS), will return to direct generations of his former students in a concert on Nov. 25.